Visiting the site

Visiting Pompeii is not like a museum , is as live again in an ancient roman commercial town of 3 Km.
Buildings, temples, shops catched in the time of the eruption.
It may occur more than 5 days to visit all the site so we suggest you some trip dependig on your time and / or based on your interest.


What visit ( must to visit in  bold   )

Public Buildings Roman houses Cimitery
Triangular Forum (VIII,7,30-34)   Theatres
Roman Villas
Edificio di Eumachia
  Commercial Baths

Temporarily closed

Regio VIII:
Via delle Scuole
Via della Regina

School visits and booking procedures
Regulations for visitors to the Excavation sites
Visitors are kindly requested to organize their visit so as not to take any bulky luggage into the archaeological area

The service charter


Multisensory experience for Persons with Disabilities

tel. 0818575347     

Access points
Porta Marina - Piazza Esedra - Piazza Anfiteatro
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