Visiting the site

Hercolaneum, in the roman era, was the rich residendial town near the sea.
It was covered not by hottest hash like Pompei that burned more of the objects inside but with wet ground and a "tsunami" from the sea so  during the excavation were found not only houses with painting and mosaic intact but also some wooden furniture and everyday objects.
It may occur more than 2 days to visit all the site so we suggest you some trip dependig on your time and / or based on your interest.

What visit

Public Buildings Roman houses Commercial

tel. 0818575347

Corso Resina, Ercolano (Naples)

School visits and booking procedures
Regulations for visitors to the Excavation sites
Visitors are kindly requested to organize their visit so as not to take any bulky luggage into the archaeological area
The service charter
Buildings open to visitors 2015
Buildings closed to visitors

Multisensory experience for Persons with Disabilities

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