The EU Pompei project


The Great Pompeii Project adopts a highly innovative methodology for the development and management of the project and the implementation of the works, and a scientific methodology of conservation that favours a systematic and “maintenance-based” approach to restore the conditions of conservation, consistent with the “Guidelines for Conservation of the Archaeological Heritage” of the Council for Cultural and Landscape Assets. The Project comprises five Operational Plans:

  • Plan for knowledge gathering: involves survey, investigation, and diagnosis activities, analytical identification of needs (critical areas, structural and restoration problems) for all the insulae, and the planning of priority interventions. Diagnostic investigations related to the interventions for hydro-geological risk mitigation.
  • Plan for works in advanced project phases: involves the implementation of 39 projects already drawn up by SANP (Special Superintendence for the Archaeological Heritage of Naples and Pompeii) related to hydro-geological risk mitigation, safety measures, architectural restoration and decorative restoration, and a "Plan for new works to be designed" which involves the areas complementary to those of the works in advanced project phases and regards the works related to safety measures, architectural and decorative restoration, and for interventions planned according to the Plan for Knowledge-gathering.
  • Plan for the use and improvement of services and communication: works involving expansion, recovery, enhancement and qualification of the visitor routes and green areas; the improvement of signage, information and promotion of the archaeological area.
  • Security Plan: includes works for strengthening and extending the video-surveillance system and for securing the technical installations.
  • Plan for technological reinforcement and capacity building: involves the adjustment of the technological instruments and equipment used for the surveys and monitoring of the site and its structures, and improvement of the management, organisational, and operational capabilities and technical skills of the SANP.


  • Pompei archaeologica. Progetto di conservazione e fruizione del patrimonio archeologico”, a cura di R. Cecchi , MIBAC Roma 2011


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