Stabilisation works Regiones V - IX


The small lupanar, the House of Obellius Firmus, the House of Marcus Lucretius Fronto but also the unprecedented excavation of an area totally covered by earth are among the other treasures which Pompeii returns to public access, at the completion of the substantial stabilisation works of Regio V and IX, undertaken under the auspices of the Great Pompeii Project by the Superintendency and General Directorate of the GPP, with the resources of POI 2007-2013 and PON 2014-2020. They together encompass an area of 50 square kilometres, which stretched from the centre to the southern boundary of the ancient city, now entirely accessible.
The stabilisation works have affected the walling (repairing of gaps and failings, grouting of joints, inspection of the wall crests and maintenance or replacement of flat arches), the decorative elements (cleaning, consolidation, small additions, substitution of unsuitable materials from old restoration works), in addition to maintenance work on the roads and pavements, gates and covers, which also allow understanding and documentation of details which had been ignored until now in the affected areas.
Among the novelties of this great site, particular attention must be drawn to two neighbouring, yet distinct buildings: a domus and a commercial structure originally used as a bakery (pistrinum) and later as a laundry (fullonica).
The structural maintenance on the most at risk walling have, however, allowed the removal of supporting framework which blocked access to previously inaccessible roads and houses, and have finally opened access the buildings of the small lupanar (Regio IX, insula 5, 16), custodian of another series of erotic frescoes in one of its rooms, the majestic House of Obellius Firmus (Regio IX, insula 14, number 4) which opens onto the decumanus of Via di Nola and the House of Marcus Lucretius Fronto (Regio V), now completed with the restoration of the triclinium, which houses the splendid fresco which depicts the murder of Neoptolemus by Orestes.  
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