Adelfòe (the pedagogical comedy): Terence

"Actually I have found that for man there is nothing better than being yielding and clement. And that this is true, anyone can easily understand by looking at me and my brother. He has always spent his life in pastimes, in banquets, good-natured, placid, without hurting anybody, rather smiling at everyone; in this way he lived for himself, and the money he spent was spent for his own good; and everyone talks well of him and loves him. I instead, savage that I am, brutal, scowling, miserly, crusty, stubborn, I too was married: but how much trouble there! Two children were born to me: other problems, woe is me! And while I struggled to accumulate as much as possible for them, I used up my life and my years. And now that life is done, look what fruit I gather from them, my children, for all my pains: hatred! He instead, without taking any trouble about it, is the one who enjoys paternal bliss: my children love him, their uncle, and avoid me; they confide all their plans in him, he is the one they love, he is the one they always want to be with. I have been truly abandoned: they want him to live, but as for me, they are waiting for me to die."
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