House of the little fountain

Grouting degraded, delamination of the tiles, efflorescence, microfratturazioni) have
 madea restauration necessary to articulate conservative maintenance (removal
encrustations, lock and restoring the cohesion of the tiles, mechanical cleaning and
chemical disinfection with biocide, restoration, fixing, consolidation and grouting
floor mosaic) to preserve the most complex and make it accessible.
The operation, carried out in the field by the staff of the restorer Francesco Esposito, under the
Direction of the work of Dr. Fabio Galeandro and Dr. Manuela Valentini was conducted
so as to return to the complex fountain-frescoes look organic, removing
as far as possible all the elements that are not compatible with the original materials, resulting from
previous restorations, including one made in the '80s particularly invasive. The
restoration operations were allowed to bring to light new elements not previously
visible, as the theatrical mask placed above the painted column to the right of the fountain.
On this occasion we have been made to the functional characterization laboratory
mortars original mosaic.
This third batch was entered by the Fondazione Città Italia program projects
financed with  income tax of individuals destined to activities
protection, promotion and enhancement of cultural heritage.

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