Castellum Aquae (VI,16)

This is a watershed, the city end of one branch of the Augustan Serinus aqueduct. Placed at the highest point in Pompeii (42 m), at Porta Vesuvio, it used the pressure of the waterfall to distribute it through three primary channels: a system of sluice-gates regulated the flow of water as needed. It has a circular layout, with a domed vault approximately 6 m in diameter, and a trapezoidal external shape maintained to its full height. The west side is in opus reticulatum, as is the east, against which rests the wall of Porta Vesuvio. The north wall is in opus incertum, the south in opus latericium, interrupted by three blind arches, perhaps rebuilt after the earthquake in 62 AD and the following years that damaged the building: in 79 AD this large tank and the city's entire water system, with approximately 40 public fountains, were not working.
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