Porticos (room 33-34)

The two porticos, on the northern side of the villa, with columns covered with white plaster and thin flutings, stand bythe structure of the oecus (room 21), creating a magnificient and monumental façade. At the basis of the columns, in the ground, there is a drainage canal in cocciopesto. The portico has a mosaic floor with white tesserae and a black strip along the walls. The wall decoration is of the 4th style: the lower part has a black background with decorations of plants, birds and crockery. The middle part alternates red and yellow panels with decorations of architectural structures in perspective; the upper part, with a white background, has an aedicule and sections decorated with little frames. Four statues of centaurs and the little statue of the child with the goosewere found in one of the porticos and wait for a new placing.
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