3rd Paradise of Pistoletto at Pompei

POMPEII'S RE–BIRTH. The Third Paradise Of Pistoletto at Pompei
A great celebration and a flash-mob in the Large Palaestra of Pompeii to bring an inspired Third Paradise to life, with Michelangelo Pistoletto, to the rebirth that Pompeii is undergoing.
The rebirth of Pompeii in the vision of Pistoletto and of his Third Paradise. The symbol of the Third Paradise is the reconfiguration of the mathematical sign of infinity, and is composed of three consecutive circles. The two opposing circles stand for nature and artifice, while the central ring represents the joining of the two and the womb of rebirth.
The vision of the master will generate, on the 14th March, a collective action which tells the past, future and present of Pompeii: the rebirth of the site which is today before the eyes of the world.
The installation, which will be created on occasion of the National Day of Landscape, is an initiative of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and is scheduled for the 14th March 2017, celebrating the landscape and its historical memory in the context of its value for the identity of the country, and will be on display in the Large Palaestra until the end of the month of July.
During the day starting from 10:00, the great event will involve site visitors, school students and personnel from the Superintendency in the interactive realisation of this large operation which unites the past, present and future, including through the use of diverse symbolic materials.
At 12:30 the artist will meet with the public and the press to speak about the meaning of his work and its continuous re-expression in ever differing places and contexts. Also present will be the General Director of the Superintendency of Pompeii Massimo Osanna, Fortunato D’amico of CittàdellArte-Fondazione Pistoletto, Paolo Mighetto, curator for the Superintendency of Pompeii for performances, and Gianluca De Marchi from URBAN VISION, the main sponsor of the event.
In 2003 Pistoletto wrote the manifesto of the Third Paradise and designed its symbol, consisting of a reconfiguration of the mathematical sign of infinity. The large design of circles is inspired by the theorem of Trinamics, or the dynamics of the number 3. Particularly regarding the combination of two units which give rise to a distinct and brand new third unit. Thus it is the 3 as a revival which takes place as a result of a fortuitous, or desired, combination of two subjects.
At Pompeii the Third Paradise is crafted and blended with all of those materials which have contributed to building it in the past and continue to transform it in the present and for the future. Thus we find lapilli, pumices, tuff blocks, ceramic waste, residues of plaster casts like fossils of a lost civilisation but also construction materials, archaeologists’ tools used to safeguard the history of the site and of humanity, and the wheel of a water mill, all in the circle of the past. In addition Wi-Fi antennae, Con Te electronic bracelets and a computer symbolise the future, with its technology. The central circle is the new life of the Site which continuously  regenerates itself between the past and the future where nature reassumes her role, with the plants, herbs and flowers which were once cultivated at Pompeii and of which scholars have found many seeds among the ashes. It gives birth to a harmony which man finds only through seeking a balanced relationship with nature.
Large wooden crates from the excavation, the “bricks” of Pompeii, placed upon a mirror surface will contain the various materials which will be arranged by the participants during the course of the great event. The mirror surface metaphorically reflects the sky under which the life of mankind plays out, with its joys and progresses, its dramas, and potentially lends itself to observation by the orbiting stations in space.
The event has been organised by the Special Superintendency of Pompeii with CittàdellArte-Fondazione Pistoletto, with the contribution of URBAN VISION, the main sponsor of the event and the collaboration of Edilcostruzioni, ALSA Pompei, ISI, L&scape, Eidos, RP Rosario Petrucci, DG Scavi, IOTA Restauro, TMSTecno, Zi Caterina and Villa dei Cesari.
 http://it.terzoparadiso.org/       http://www.cittadellarte.it/
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